Dec 3, 2023Liked by Doug Clinton

Once again, I'm delighted and made wiser by your post. Thanks for introducing Robertson and his thinking. On the topic of smart people, I'm reminded of a recent quote by dearly departed Charlie Munger, as I recall... "There's a lot of smart people, but they're not as smart as they think they are."

On the notion of simple strategies, I have adopted one of selling long term, deep out of the money, puts and calls on Apple, whenever the market appears to be too greedy or too fearful. Put or call premiums are slightly excessive, and more so when trending. Hence over time errors get averaged out. While all stocks have ups and downs, there are good reasons why AAPL trends reverse or stall eventually.

The hard part is patience. There are no good bets, when Apple is fairly priced. , Then don't worry be happy as the vig atrophies.

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