Just read this today and it is nothing short of awesome - lessons that can be applied to almost every aspect of life - "majoring in minor things" and "treating adversity as a punishment instead of a teacher"- truly a great and timely piece - thanks!!!

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Great article! And I always enjoy the broadcasts with you and Gene Munster--a great combo that works to find the center in chaos.

Can't pump iron due to old age and multiple joint issues, built I do push thru a half mile of water daily, which necessarily forces me to focus on form and a kind of efficiency/economy, so it is somewhat analogous to longer-term investing, which seems to benefit best with vision and patience. Over time, I have definitely correlated swimming with a steady keel for getting thru bizarro times. And a daily sauna and jacuzzi also keep rash impulses and stupid decisions to a workable minimum.


I cannot even begin to imagine being an investor with everything in the game who does not exercise daily--in my view that's a formula for an endless series of disasters and a way-shorter life.

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