Something i do today that everyone will do in the future: drive with tesla autopilot.

Everyone needs transportation.

Everyone needs energy.

Another thing i do today everyone will do some day: play video games, make music, watch videos on my car. Entertainment from the car.

The sound system is incredible. The apps are included with the car.

Another thing i do that everyone will do some day: Supercharge their car on road trips

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I think micro likes of people around you are important.I ploughed a lot more into Apple (after an initial stake in 1997) in about 2002 because my teenage son and his friends were all saying how cool Apple was-if relatively affluent teenagers like something,that is likely to be a reasonable bull indicator.

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I believe something everyone will do in the near future is travel locally by helicopter taxis.

I just experienced a 2 hr taxi ride in st Lucia from airport to our hotel and it was torture.

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